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Why am I always seeing people in the rush hour going to or from work wearing trainers? I’m asking myself, -Why trainers?

Beautiful women stylishly dressed in business suits and the finishing touch is a pair of grey, shabby trainers. I understand that people are wearing them as their easy to run in and are confortable but surely not a good look! What happens if you meet someone important in that one hour? Let’s say the man of your life or an old friend you haven’t seen a long time or someone who you always wanted to impress. …. and there you are with your grey worn out trainers on. Oops! Firstly they are not very attractive with your blazer and skirt, secondly you have to carry a pair of high heels in your bag which are heavy! So what is the compromise?

There are a wide range of confortable flat shoes out there.  Rounded toe flat shoes are a great look and a relaxed one that is usually looked at as a more casual look. Pointy flat shoes really dress up a look, especially when accented with details.

For everyday shoes go for neutral colour however infuse some glamour with some metallic details. If you have a bubbly personality have some fun with colours like red, yellow and why not purple! Check out some of my choice flats this season.

I hope I could help you to swap those grey trainers to glam flats. Just because you are in flats it doesn’t mean you can’t be glamorous.

Have a fabulous day!


Flats is where its at !