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Yes, it is still raining, autumn is becoming winter but it isn’t such bad news if you have an umbrella.  I’m always looking forward to show off my pretty black and white polka-dot umbrella that is covered with colourful shoe prints and frill edging all around. It’s so girly and brings colour to gloomy grey rainy days.

I didn’t always have such an umbrella to be proud of. I used to buy cheap almost disposable one time use only and you can throw it out versions. I remember I used to be so embarrassed when even from a slight breeze my brolly turned inside out ….  One day I had enough and had a chat with myself. As I counted how many times I bought another “cheap” umbrella I began to realise I had wasted a lot of money. So my decision was to spend a little bit more and buy a proper stronger and even beautiful umbrella.

I can tell you I have had this umbrella way over a year by now and living in England I do use it a lot.

An umbrella has many purposes. Not only protecting you from rain, snow and sunlight but it can also be a stylish accessory to your outfit.

Some for fashion lovers, some for just fun, or actually against rain.

Choose your colour from one of these and if you don’t know your own colours yet, visit   www.colourimagestyle.com  

Creative, unusual umbrellas for fun lovers:

Now you can look stylish and stay dry the next time it rains.

Judit x

Rihanna says: You can stand under my umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh)