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Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 22.43.59 Christmas number onesie ..

…as Jasmine Gardner said in her article. Incredible how popular they are.  Even if people didn’t know about it yesterday by now everyone knows what onesies are.

I was travelling on the train last night thinking about this article when opposite me a dad was travelling with his boy, Evening Standard open on their lap looking at an article “Christmas number onesies. Firstly the boy was explaining to the dad what the outfit is and how not to mix it with dressing up costumes! Then dad got into it by suggesting that mum should have a tiger onsie. I had to smile.

It is very popular with celebrities too, Rylan was spotted wearing one. Well I suppose it isn’t a big surprise but then I can carry on with …… New trend? How long will it stay with us. Retailers suspect that millions of pieces will sell before Christmas. Look at these links….River Island http://www.riverisland.com/, Top man http://www.topman.com/ , sells them, Asda, Mark&Spenser …..  I personally don’t own one “yet” (Christmas is coming) I’m not sure how I would feel wearing one, warm, trendy or maybe like an oversized baby? Hmmmm

Read her article to find out more about your best Christmas present.


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