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The vintage loving style.

The vintage loving style.
I have been quiet for a while as I have been to South Africa and as always it is hard to get back to business.

On the morning we landed in Johannesburg airport our adventure started. After picking up a hire car we started driving to Harrismith that is located on the road between Johannesburg and Durban. I have to say if you drive in SA you have to be very aware of other driver’s driving technics if you want to be safe.

A few hours and summer storms later we arrived to the De Oude Huize Yard an over 200 year old spectacular house surrounded by neatly tended garden with lush green grass that has been converted to a guest house. Everywhere you looked were antique objects and furniture giving a quirky feeling to the place. The house was over looked by a brown rocky mountain that was covered by clouds from time to time. The setting was peaceful, beautiful and different.

You could see the owner’s caring attention in the well designed garden with a pond, an old attractive lonely streetlight in the middle and some rusty iron taps serving as water fountains surrounded with colourful flowers. In every corner you looked you found a bit of love.

IMG_8846                        IMG_8807               

As we walked into our room I had this mystic feeling going through me. Every single piece of furniture was old, the doors in between rooms were low and rickety. I could feel the presence of the past and tending lovingness of the present.

As I walked further in there was a welcoming Sherry drink with an angel next to it on the table with two glasses. I lifted my head up and noticed a framed little girl’s dress next to some long forgotten map on the wall. Aged books, battered suitcases, ornate fans, even a stamp maker! Wondering towards the bathroom as I turned the light on the switch brought back memories from my childhood. Stepping into the bathroom on a hanger was a dark blue knitted lace top with some cream colour velvet details fixed on the wall with two cherub angels guarding it from both sides.  Above the bathtub were two candle holders made of iron. Beautiful work.


Do you start to get the feeling of this place?

The other parts of the house had more and more little surprises to admire.  Vintage accessories hanging on the wall such hats, clutch bags and gloves. I almost had the feeling that someone will step in from the 1920’s take a pair of gloves and go out again.

The dining room had probably the original wooden floor that was in harmony with the style and atmosphere. On one of the dining table was an old typewriter with a several angels protecting it. I really liked those angels! Hennie the owner told me that one of them fell off the table and the heart broke on it. He picked it up and said it might be broken hearted right now but not for long. It has been fixed by the next day and the angel is still standing there happily.


During our stay we were looked after by two wonderful owners Sandra and Hennie.

If you make the drive down from Johannesburg to Durban and want an overnight stop or somewhere to make your base whilst you explore the northern Drakensberg mountains then I highly recommend this stop over with delicious food, wonderful hospitality and a step back in time to warm your heart. www.deoudehuize.co.za/

This place has given me the inspiration to think about vintage pieces of clothing that we can all use for our own style in everyday life. Some of the pieces from the past are timeless and add to a woman’s wardrobe or outfit. Check out my website to learn how I am able to teach you more about style. http://www.colourimagestyle.com/style_party.php