Hello world!


Hello Everyone welcome to my new blog. My passion is to be happy and make everyone around me happy. I like to think positively and give energy to life. I believe the world is an amazing place with so many opportunities. There are so many people going about their daily business without noticing what is going on around them, heads stuck in their Metro newspapers or playing with phones. I  like to observe these people from a far and close up, sometimes interacting sometimes not. All the time I am noticing what they are wearing and how is their appearance. How do their clothes and look affect their mood or maybe its their mood affecting their appearance. I think many times how their life could change if only they had some advice on how to dress to impress. Change those blacks and greys for vibrant reds and purples. On here I will not bore you only with out and out fashion tips. It will be a mix up of my observations from all my  journeys with a big bit of all round positive thinking thrown in for good measure. Love Judit

About colourimagestyle

I believe, everybody can and deserves to look beautiful. It is the most uplifting feeling to see people happy, confident and have the understanding of their own body after a consultation. If this resonates with your heart then look at my website www.colourimagestyle.com

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