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Yes, it is still raining, autumn is becoming winter but it isn’t such bad news if you have an umbrella.  I’m always looking forward to show off my pretty black and white polka-dot umbrella that is covered with colourful shoe prints and frill edging all around. It’s so girly and brings colour to gloomy grey rainy days.

I didn’t always have such an umbrella to be proud of. I used to buy cheap almost disposable one time use only and you can throw it out versions. I remember I used to be so embarrassed when even from a slight breeze my brolly turned inside out ….  One day I had enough and had a chat with myself. As I counted how many times I bought another “cheap” umbrella I began to realise I had wasted a lot of money. So my decision was to spend a little bit more and buy a proper stronger and even beautiful umbrella.

I can tell you I have had this umbrella way over a year by now and living in England I do use it a lot.

An umbrella has many purposes. Not only protecting you from rain, snow and sunlight but it can also be a stylish accessory to your outfit.

Some for fashion lovers, some for just fun, or actually against rain.

Choose your colour from one of these and if you don’t know your own colours yet, visit  

Creative, unusual umbrellas for fun lovers:

Now you can look stylish and stay dry the next time it rains.

Judit x

Rihanna says: You can stand under my umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh)

Strictly Dress length for Tess !!!


Hello ladies,

Tess and her short skirt

Believe it or not watching Strictly Come Dancing has inspired me to write about skirt length. Not the professional or celebrity dancers with their wonderful costumes spinning around the Wembley dance floor. It was the presenter Tess Daly that caught my eye. She is beautiful, a mum of two children and sexy with long legs. Tonight she was wearing a 60’s style mini hip dress. Although Tess looked stunning tonight I found there were moments when the dress seemed to be a tiny bit too short especially when she lifted her arms.

So how would you choose the right length? What is the right length?

Different body shapes suit different style skirts and even style personality.

Choosing the right hemline for your body is important no matter what the current style might be. Different body types are suited to different styles of skirt, and even though you may want to wear a mini like Tess whether or not it will work on you depends on what you are personally suited for. Finding the right skirt length for your age and body type is an important part of looking your best.

There are a few body types that are easy to figure out by identifying some of your body’s main features such as bust, waist, hip size and shoulder width.

If your body is pretty straight up and down or your bust, waist, and hip measurements are all similar you fall into the category of straight or boyish frame. You should try a skirt that will help create some curves. The best options are skirts with structure like A-Line, pleated or poofy skirts, or flowy skirts made of substantial fabric. If you are tall a floor length skirt of any material would work best.

What about curvy or hourglass frame. You might have a generous chest and a defined waist with rounded hips and a bit of a bottom. Women with hourglass frames are often smaller in height so stay away from a skirt that is going to overpower your small frame. Avoid floor length skirts, unless you are tall enough to carry it off. Also don’t wear anything cut at the calf. This cut does nothing for petite women, as it makes the legs seem much shorter than they really are. Find a skirt that will accentuate your curves and give a nice shape while drawing attention away from anything you don’t like about your hips and thighs. A slightly flared A-line skirt that’s cut at the knee or slightly above, will give the illusion of reducing your behind, evening out your frame, and still leave just enough leg showing.

Next is the pear shape. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips and you might wear a size smaller on your top half compared to the bottom. Remember that darker colors on the bottom are minimizing, and can be nicely balanced by a light colored top. Keep the frills and details for the top half of your body and a smooth, tailored skirt will do the trick nicely for the lower body. Top tip stay away from large prints and big pleats.

The apple shaped curvy woman will have a fully rounded body with a less defined waist. You must avoid shapeless, baggy skirts and drawstring waists whenever possible. Pleats will only look wrong as they will create a bulky look. Prints can emphasize things you might not be too pleased with but be careful they can be tricky and should be used selectively. When choosing a colour blue, deep purple and black are slimming. To create a nice profile try a flared a-line skirt that is cut at or just below the knee, or a long tailored skirt with two darts at the waist to help keep your stomach in check.

So back to Tess did she have the right skirt for her body shape? The jury is still out. What do you think ?

short mini dress



Why am I always seeing people in the rush hour going to or from work wearing trainers? I’m asking myself, -Why trainers?

Beautiful women stylishly dressed in business suits and the finishing touch is a pair of grey, shabby trainers. I understand that people are wearing them as their easy to run in and are confortable but surely not a good look! What happens if you meet someone important in that one hour? Let’s say the man of your life or an old friend you haven’t seen a long time or someone who you always wanted to impress. …. and there you are with your grey worn out trainers on. Oops! Firstly they are not very attractive with your blazer and skirt, secondly you have to carry a pair of high heels in your bag which are heavy! So what is the compromise?

There are a wide range of confortable flat shoes out there.  Rounded toe flat shoes are a great look and a relaxed one that is usually looked at as a more casual look. Pointy flat shoes really dress up a look, especially when accented with details.

For everyday shoes go for neutral colour however infuse some glamour with some metallic details. If you have a bubbly personality have some fun with colours like red, yellow and why not purple! Check out some of my choice flats this season.

I hope I could help you to swap those grey trainers to glam flats. Just because you are in flats it doesn’t mean you can’t be glamorous.

Have a fabulous day!


Flats is where its at !

Hello world!


Hello Everyone welcome to my new blog. My passion is to be happy and make everyone around me happy. I like to think positively and give energy to life. I believe the world is an amazing place with so many opportunities. There are so many people going about their daily business without noticing what is going on around them, heads stuck in their Metro newspapers or playing with phones. I  like to observe these people from a far and close up, sometimes interacting sometimes not. All the time I am noticing what they are wearing and how is their appearance. How do their clothes and look affect their mood or maybe its their mood affecting their appearance. I think many times how their life could change if only they had some advice on how to dress to impress. Change those blacks and greys for vibrant reds and purples. On here I will not bore you only with out and out fashion tips. It will be a mix up of my observations from all my  journeys with a big bit of all round positive thinking thrown in for good measure. Love Judit